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Alamuddin was born in Beirut Lebanon. His father name Ramzi Alamuddin, .Ramzi Alamuddin was a professor of business studies at the American University of Beirut.Alamuddin, foreign editor of the Pan Arabnewspaper. Alamuddin has three younger relative one sister named Tala, and two half brothers named Sameer and Ziad from her father’s first marriage. During the 1980s, when the Lebanese Civil War was in full scale.Alamuddin’s family left Lebanon for London and settled there . At that time she was two years old.Alamuddin get admission in Dr Challoner’s High School. That was a girls grammar school. After that she studied at St. Hugh’s College Oxford. Where she received scholarship. In 2000 Alamuddin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence from St Hugh’s College Oxford.

In 2001 she entered New York University School of Law to study for the Master of Laws degree.Where she was a clerk for the clerkships program at the International Court of Justice. She received the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award for excellence in entertainment law. For one semester while at NYU. she worked as a student law clerk at the United State Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit in the offices of Sonia Sotomayor who is now on the Supreme Court of the United States In 2004.She worked at the International Court of Justiceand was one of two NYU sponsored clerks at the Court. She clerked under Judge Vladen S. Vereshchetin from Russia and Judge Nabil Elaraby from Egypt.Today we are going to share you a great collection of Alamuddin pictures.

Amal Alamuddin

Amal Alamuddin

Alamuddin Pictures

Amal Alamuddin


Amal Alamuddin

Alamuddin Pictures

Amal Alamuddin

Amal Alamuddin


Amal Alamuddin


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Amal Alamuddin


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