20+ Romantic Couple Kissing Pictures

Relationship is not about Age , Not about Distance , not about communicating every moment of everyday . What is more important is having Trust & loyalty … The trust of girls to her man and the loyalty of man to his girl…

When I am not there. do you think of me ? When you are sad and some thing is bothering you. do you wish I was there to comfort you ? When you have had a long hard day. do you wish you will see me , and everything seem better , even if its just for a moment? When you lay down at night. do you look back and cherish the memories you have made with me? And when you get u in the morning does everything inside of you smile, knowing that there will be another day that well be together? In this post we are going to talk about 20+ Romantic Couple Kissing Pictures. This is Because that’s how I think of you.

Couple Kissing Pictures

I have gotten so used to not being able to see you everyday, so used to it that I can cope abd go through days just fine with out you here. I can be alone or with friends and I would be happy . But when I suddenly see couple together laughing, looking into each others eyes and smiling, I suddenly do not feel strong and my heart starts to ache and I feel like breaking down. I try and stay strong everyday, I mean that’s what I have been doing for all this while but I am always going to see a couple and wish you were here With me, right next to me. It sucks, it sucks so much that I can not hug, see, just simply be with the person I love so much but this is a decision that we both made and I do not regret it.

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kissing couple

kissing couple

Couple Kissing Pictures

Couple Kissing Pictures








Couple Kissing Pictures