Friendship Wallpapers

“Man is a social animal” we hear this thing every day in our life and we watch its practical experience in daily in the form of friendship. You can say a person without friends is a curse to society and his life is full of darkness. There is no aim in his life and ultimately he becomes burden to society because his 70 to 80 % social life is destroyed. Friends are the most important part of any person’s life in fact friendship is very beautiful gift of God to his creature. They are persons in life whom a person shares those things which is only known to him only and not to anyone else even his parents. A sincere and devoted friend does everything for his best friend. A person may have one or more than one friends but his best friends list is limited. A relation between best friends forms which we called “friendship”. This relation is something like a bond which is stronger than any other bonds which a person makes in his life. Many studies and researches have performed on it to understand this bond and in result many theories have evolved through these researches. Some most famous theories are social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics and attachment styles. Every theory have almost same findings i.e. a friend is a personality who has great impact on our life. Trust is the most important ingredient in friendship. Some philosopher says friendship is an act of sharing happiness with someone whom he trusts most and mixed feelings of affection lies between them. These feelings exist on every age group even in a child i.e. a child share his toys and food with his friend. Robert H. Humphrey says about friendship as “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” Many friendship wallpapers are famous in social networking site and through these friendship wallpapers a person shows how stronger a relation is among friends.

Girls Making Heart


 Friends on the beach

Close Friends


Dreams May Change


Friendship Wallpapers


Nice Work Done


Kids Style


Shapes on Fingers

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My Friends


A Good Friend


Couple on Beach




Friends Forever




Great Friends