Gods of Egypt Wallpapers

Gods of Egypt is an amazing movie! I have watched it on cinema and i really liked all the Egyptian scenery and graphics. Even the smallest items and details in the movie where amazing. Many critics have said bad comments about this movie and they din’t like it. But i believe they are very mean with every mythological movie. A movie with so many gods, details, history is hard to make without negative comments.

Gerard Butler gave an amazing performance and almost felt like he just stopped by from the 300 movie to visit Egypt with his army. He was very strong and convincing to the bone. The other actors felt extremely balanced from the young thief to the 2 beautiful women. Every one had his own scenes/role in the movie. From earth to the moon,  from sands to jungles and heaven and hell This movie satisfies every viewers expectations on the Egyptian theme and makes the movie very eye-candy . Worth to mention they did a very nice take on Anubis the “God of afterlife”. Horus did a good job too with a similar game of throne performance.. I guess that guy can do anything with one eye or one hand haha. Here you can find some amazing wallpapers from the movie for your desktop: