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Love is one of the best feelings that are bestowed by God to his creature .it is even lies in beast. The stability in the world’s routine is due to this thing and if this feeling is eliminated from the world than this world becomes like a jungle. There are many real stories that are famous in the world which are related to love. Valentine day is also a day which has some story in it i.e. a story of Christian saint named valentine who was punished because of helping Rome states soldier for their marriage.

Valentine day a non official day for lovers and is celebrated throughout the world with great courage and passion. This day is celebrated on 14 February every year .One important thing about this day is that no specific age limit is defined for peoples who celebrate this day. Every special occasion has some customs and code of conduct which must be followed and these things made it unique from others. Valentine day also have such customs i.e. wearing red dresses, taking permission from their beloved one to be his valentine, giving gifts packed in red ribbons and going for a date. “Will you be my valentine? This question is asked in this day and after permission there is an exchange gifts occur usually. Gifts are selected according to the likeness and dis-likeness criteria but most common gifts are heart shaped frames, cards, a cup on which heart is printed on it and valentine wish printed pillow. Couples go for a date at this day with his beloved one to make this day a memorable day in their life. At that day people captures that moments in their smart phones and cameras. Now February 2015 is starting and couples want to make it Happy Valentine 2015. So they make plans in these days how they will make this valentine a “happy valentine” and unique from previous ones they have in their life.

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Happy Valentine 2015


Happy Valentine 2015 Pics

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Happy Valentines Day Written on Heart

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Happy Valentines Day 2015


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