Lamborghini Wallpapers

Here you will find some beautiful Lamborghini Wallpapers and the amazing story on how Lamborghini was born! Enjoy!


Ferruccio was originally a farmer who made tractors. Eventually his business became so successful that he was among the most wealthy in Italy. He owned a Ferrari which gave him some trouble at some point in time. Being a mechanic he tried to fix the problem and found out that his Ferrari had the same clutch used in one of his tractors. Obviously a bit furious he went to Modena to complain about the low quality part used in a Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari being quite an arrogant man, said Ferrucio was a “farmer” and the problem was with him, not the car. Ferrucio was insulted and vowed to make a car worthy of beating a Ferrari. His efforts and revenge have resulted in the creation and development of among the most powerful, well renowned cars which really give Ferrari a run for its money even to this day.