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Love is one of the basic instincts that lie in a person nature and it is a best gift of God to his creation. A person’s life cannot be peaceful without this thing and a life without it cannot be imagined. A couple’s love story without romantic moments is not complete. So romance is a key for a successful love story, strengthens it and makes alive the love in life. Without it a love is consider as a flower without color. Some people do not know how to be romantic with his/her life partner. To solve these problems there are many romantic movies, romantic songs and romantic wallpapers that help and teaches him how to be romantic in real life. There are many simple ways to be romantic in life i.e. go with your life partner and say loudly her/his “I love you “and tell her/his importance in life, take his/her a candle light dinner and play his/her favorite music and give him/her a ring on your knees. There is a great difference between sex and romance. Sex needs body contact and can be perform with anybody while romance can only be done with that person whom you love and you can do everything for that person. It is usually seen in daily life that women always like romance while a man like sex in life .But in these days due to busy moments of life a couple do not find enough time to be romantic. So love, care of partner and mental relaxation is now ended in life. These things affects a lot the life a person .To overcome this short timing problem many ways “romantic wallpapers” are designed which a person can send it to his lover through social networking sites and he can make his love alive. Oscar Wilde says a romantic quote “If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.”

Couple Feeling Love




Romantic Wallpapers


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