20+ Saint Valentine Wallpapers

There are many peoples in the world who are famous because of their good deeds. They devote their lives for the wellbeing and prosperity of peoples. Due to these deeds their names are written in golden words in history. Saint Valentine is one of the names who are famous for his work. Saint Valentine was a holy priest of Rome who devoted his life for Roman soldier’s marriages and he went against the decision of Claudius II. In 3rd century the Roman king wanted to have a big army for war and he wanted that peoples would join the army voluntarily but at that time people did not want to leave their family members specially their wives. So king imposed a law that no men would marry if they did they would be punished officially. At that time Saint Valentine performed marriage ceremonies secretly. The king heard the news and punished the Saint Valentine on February 14, 269 A.D. Now Valentine’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the Saint Valentine sacrifice and at that day couples show their love and respect to each other. This day is a feast day in Anglican Communion and Lutheran Church .Some couple performs their marriage ceremonies at that day to show respect to Saint Valentine. Some couples goes for a date to parks, cinemas and some recreational areas to enjoy that day and make it memorable. Gifts are exchanged between each other’s at this day. This day is very important in every lover’s life because it enhances their love and provides a whole day for romance. So this thing strengthens their love like covalent bond which needs mutual cooperation from both sides. Antome de Saint-Exupery says about valentine day as “Loving is not just looking at each other it’s looking in the same direction.” Now February is starting and every lover tries to make this day more memorable and pay homage and respect to Saint Valentine because of his sacrifice for love. For this cause we are providing you all with Saint Valentine Wallpapers.

Saint Valentine Wallpapers


Basket of Hearts


Red Heart


Flower Heart


Many Hearts








Hanging Heart


Heart on The Road


Arrow in Heart


Looks Nice


Happy Valentine Day