Top 20 Mr Robot Wallpapers

Mr Robot is one my favorite TV Shows, It has exploited the typical hacker movies to a detailed level which what you see is real and perfectly achievable, Eliot is a unique and charismatic character. I am sure you will get to love Eliot from the first episode you watch. He is smart honest, and antisocial but he wants to do good and help when he can to change the world. He believes that our society is corrupted which is true and tries to give the power back to the people. In this series you will see live hacks with no imaginary effects and it will put your mind in many thoughts about our current society. The only bad think i didn’t like at seasons 2-3 where he gets addicted to drugs and hallucinates for many episodes, i hope in the next season he will gain his mind and prove us that this series will get the awards that it deserves. Rami Malek’s talent is showing throughout this movie and makes us love Eliot, probably even more that he wanted to.