Top 20 Quake Champions Wallpaper

Quake Champions Wallpapers
Quake Champions is the new quake game / remake after many years it will be released in 2017. The Quake gaming title is considered one of the best fps games of the last decade. I use to play Quake 3 Arena for over 10 years and i still do sometimes. All quake games where completely addictive in the past and i am sure the new quake champions will be the same too. The new videos released on you tube show that the game is beautiful, well customized and has classic characters with unique abilities.

We have collected some quake wallpapers for personal use for the die hard fans of the series:

As we can see from the wallpapers Quake Champions looks like an amazing game with beautiful scenery and well crafted characters that reminds us of the old quake classics!